Consultation is provided free of charge in the following cases:

Design and implementation of research projects: KosarTech Group is thoroughly prepared to consult requestors about the planning, design, and implementation of research projects in the fields of surface science and thin-film physics, using the knowledge and experience of its academic experts.

Performance of analyses: accommodating the fact that thin-film analyses should be carried out with utmost precision, students and researchers may feel the need for one to consult them about the performance of these analyses. Accordingly, KosarTech Group is set for consulting requestors in this connection.

Quality control: the group’s experts are ready to consult the requestors about the quality control of thin films, coatings, and deposition equipment.

Academic writing: given that a meticulous, cutting-edge, academic research would not be enough for the manuscript based on research findings to be accepted in a peer-reviewed, scientific journal, KosarTech Group can aid requestors in improving their academic writing skills.

Design of vacuum systems: even a minor flaw appearing in the design of vacuum systems can adversely affect the deposited films and coatings; more importantly, the act of correcting the flaw can practically be an onerous task. Based thereon, researchers and technologists may require consultation regarding the excellent design of their vacuum systems. Hence, the group’s experts are primed to consult requestors in this regard.